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New Project: Drawing #4 - Do You Feel Lucky ?

The All time lazy queen has returned from the land of Procrastinating, with the latest drawing of the unnamed serie.

Last month was quite busy for me, but I had time to did some side projects and tried out new things. Sometime you have to take your mind on something else, to keeps it on refresh and renew with ideas.

I did the sketch in somewhat half a month ago, and started to edit + color 3 days before, didnt happy with the old fur drawing, and it took me quite a time to make it better. 

Also dont mind the background, it’s terrible, but sometime thing is just not working as you expected.

New Project: Drawing #3 - Blaze and Shadow 

I was planning to do full body style like the 2 previous, but after finished the Combuster, I mistook and filled the background with black, then, the idea popped up. The final product is needless to say, I’m surprisingly satisfied about it.

Side note: Jerko has been wearing the same outfit for years (cobalt helm + salamander suit), it’s better not to do full body to encourage him more. Many people in guild start to make same outfit as him (shame, including me)

*as promised* New project - Drawing #2 / Snowbelle & Hammond 

the second drawing in my latest project (still got no name for it). It’s our cheerful guildie Snowbelle - or we lovely call her Snowy. (I secretly nametag her thesnowblock for ‘no particular’ reason).

She is smiling
She is cheering
She is hammering the cr*p out of you !

*I’m so gonna get hammered*


* sorry everyone for the lack of drawing lately, I’ve been deep into hibernation and procrastination ._. *

Anyway … This is my latest project. I was going around and collecting screenshots from many people, mostly within my guildies and some of my friends, and then will try to ‘potrait’ them into Medieval-style drawing - or the Tarot style (idk). I want to keep it around 1 drawing / week, to make myself busy, also challenging myself - I always bad at drawing ‘action figure’, but ye, I will keep trying and trying c:

Still dont know how to call this project yet, I’m rather doing the work than thinking how to name it. All my work folders are New Folder 1 2 3 4 5 .. etc - ugh, brain’s just not working !

* I will publish my next drawing as soon as possible C: *


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